Larry the Cable Guy’s Tater Salad Flavor Potato Chips

Saw these in a Missouri convenience shop, and couldn’t resist buying a bag.

God bless America, indeed…

America, bless God…

Only thing is, these potato chips are absolutely terrible. The package is just funny to look at. Don’t ever buy these things unless you want the bag for nostalgic or sentimental purposes. Then again don’t even bother with that. You can save the image I’ve provided for you here. 

“Boy that’s good eatin’!” ?? Not hardly, brother.


Bring Back the Washington Bullets

Pilaten blackhead remover



Bought this in the Hong Kong airport, because I needed a pick-me-up and didn’t want a stomach full of coffee in economy class.

These caffeine pills, are little bars stuck together in pairs, kind of like KitKat candy bars.

Verdict: About as good as a NoDoz or Vivarin, but easier on the system. But I won’t find it in the States. Too bad.



Nemo’s brand “Brookies”

I’m not a big “sweets” and dessert person anymore. Burned myself out on Krispy Kreme right around Y2K, so given the choice, I am more of a fried food guy… when it comes to Edibles That Will Kill You category.

One sweet snack I like is the whole brownie family, especially the half-cookie “blondies”. So these Nemo’s Brookies are in my wheelhouse. It’s not easy to find these treats though. When I do, they are excellent after 10 seconds in the mike..

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