NBA 2K16-2: Roanoke Railguns, For Openers

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Roanoke Railguns, Season 1, NBA 2K16 (1-2)


The Roanoke Railguns [ARG] started off the season with two losses. The Railguns were not as good as the Heat, and we blew a late lead at the Hawks. Then we got Atlanta in Roanoke and won. Second-guessing that decision to ‘let the created players develop’ ? Hmmm… not yet.

Note: Need to learn how to call plays. Getting open looks is the key on offense. Because most guys will hit that clear shot. 

 part one   

We always want to run-and-gun, and (probably as in real life) the defense is just too good for that. Our guys get stripped or the ball is picked off. Patience.
Joe Dumars is the starting point guard but his passes are not what the coach wants. He is taking too many threes (3-13 in the Hawks win). Swole Whitehead is itching to be a starter.
Panthro Wang and John Derry Stevens [13 pts, 4 reb, 5 assists] are two of the stars. They would have amazing numbers if we played full 12-minute quarters, but the default six-minute quarter, 24-minute game is usually plenty of time to throw away. 

[note: why can’t 2K NBA let gamers adjust league statistics? If I am playing six-minute quarters, then the entire league should follow suit, ’cause it makes the stats on even keel… I’m the commissioner, no?]


Dennis Rodman is unsure about his role on the team according to the CPU. Big surprise. Coach allotted him a couple more minutes. But it didn’t help–the entire bench is not happy. Winning will zip everyone’s lip.


Backup guard Alexandr Vikayanov has been a pleasant surprise. He’s just sooo lead-footed…. Havlicek is stupidly sure from the field when he’s open. Automatic…

look how funny this rendering is,… AND Havlicek never dunks…